Hannah Knight Leighton

W i n t e r





Leighton is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in May from the Maryland Institute College of Art. (2015) Upon graduating college, Leighton spent a month at Green Olive Arts in Morocco where she studied painting.  Post travels, she moved into an artist community where she has co-founded and directed Ballroom Gallery. Leighton plans to attend graduate school to attain a MFA in 2018.


artist statement

Current work

 Shapes and strokes are the vocabulary of my experience. Experimentation and curiosity drive my studio practice.

In much the same way as sustained dialogue invites tangents that branch off from  main topics, these compositions embrace improvisation and invention.

I hope to capture the energy that comes from the interplay of ideas and images that   viewers can explore and bounce off each other.