b. 1986, HK.


studio practice

Artist Statement: These paintings may catch people off guard because they’re not made with paint. They are created with a tufting gun, which is typically a tool used to manufacture rugs.
I use tools that enable speed. All large tufts are created referencing an iPad sketch. The sketch is then translated with sharpie onto the fabric and reproduced using yarn. My intention is to create work that challenges a classic composition by making bold aesthetic moves- such as dividing the space in half or mirroring certain areas.
Compositionally, many of these pieces contain several layers that are placed on top of a preexistent image. I relish the moments when there is an unwieldily shared space, and yet the whole remains harmonious.

Artist Bio: Leighton’s current work is created using yarn, cotton fabric and a contraption called a tufting gun. This tool shoots yarn at a high speed creating loops that result in ‘tufts’. Leighton’s work is illustrative of a shift in the art worlds embrace of a medium that began as a stereotypically feminine domestic domain. Fiber is a relatively recent area of exploration for Leighton, whose past work focused upon acrylic paint, a medium that mirrors obsessions of our culture—scale, speed and plasticity. Leighton graduated from the Maryland Institute College of art summa cum laude in May 2015. Post graduation she was accepted to the Green Olive Arts Residency program and spent a month painting among the medinas of Morocco. Most recently Leighton’s work was accepted into the publication New American Paintings MFA Issue 141 and Issue 144, West edition. Leighton is thrilled to be back in school at the University of New Mexico where she plans to attain her MFA in 2021.


publications :

New American Paintings MFA Issue #141

New American Paintings West Issue #144


CV available upon request.